After School Programs

KidSportzUSA (K-8th Grade) After-School Programs:

Beginning April 2020:

KidSportzUSA After-School meets directly after the release bell on Tuesday-Friday’s when school is in session. Conference weeks are off!


2pm-2:50pm (Tuesday-Friday)

1-5th Grade:

3pm-4pm (Tuesday-Friday)

Tuesday: Basketball
Wednesday: Soccer
Thursday: Hockey
Friday: Anti-Bully Karate/Ninja Parkour

Heritage Oak Elementary After School Program:

KidSportzUSA After-School at Heritage Oak Elementary meets Sept-May annually.

1 Day After-School Sports & Fitness = $75 monthly
2 Day After-School Sports & Fitness = $150 monthly
3 Day After-School Sports & Fitness = $200 monthly
4 Day After-School Sports & Fitness = $250 monthly​

After-School Sports Programs (Mon-Fri):

Our coaches are fitness professionals and at KidSportzUSA we combine sports training with fitness and fun. Kids need to be more active each day to prevent child obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and all other disease caused by a sedentary lifestyle!

A KidSportzUSA Site Coordinator manages (sports programs) at each site, working closely with the teachers, school administration, program providers, and citywide KidSportzUSA staff. In addition, after school instructors support the site coordinator at a ratio of 10 students to 1 instructor.

After-School Bullying & Harassment Prevention/Self-Defense Program:

Students will participate once a week in a series of 8-week classes on bullying & harassment prevention/self-defense, learning the basic fundamentals of self-defense and the skills to avoid and deal with bullying and harassment. Students will build fitness, focus, concentration, listening skills, self-esteem & confidence along with developing respect & discipline.

Key things KidSportzUSA will need from each school site:

1. School Support (teacher volunteer, PTA support, school newsletter, emails, distribution of program material, etc)

2. Use-of-Facilities at each school location (cafeteria, classroom, sports fields, playground, blacktop, etc.)

3. Possible annual community based fundraiser event at school site.

KidSportzUSA Professional Sports Training Program is designed to enhance a child’s ability to use their body & brain in any sport! KidSportzUSA builds focus, concentration, self-esteem, self-discipline, and teaches listening skills. Making learning fun is the trick! This program was developed for future athletes.

Key Assumptions:

1. All staff engaged in program delivery will be fingerprinted and background checked.

2. All staff engaged in program delivery must receive tuberculosis clearance.

3. All staff engaged in program delivery must be trained and experienced in working with diverse populations. One of KidSportzUSA’s key elements is its commitment to activity access and equity for students of all ethnic backgrounds.

4. All Staff will be CPR Certified/Certified Coaches.

5. KidSportzUSA Camps are approved through the County of Santa Clara 4 C’s Childcare Council.

Sports Training Available:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Self Defense
  • Martial Arts
  • Flag Football
  • Hockey
  • Baseball / Tee-ball / Softball
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Golf
  • Track & Field
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Tai Chi

KidSportzUSA clients:

  • San Jose Parks & Rec YES
  • YMCA
  • CORAL Catholic Charities
  • San Jose Unified School District
  • Oak Grove School District
  • Union Campbell School District
  • Alum Rock School District
  • Franklin McKinley School District
  • Santa Clara School District
  • Mount Pleasant School District
  • After-School All Stars
  • 4 C’s Council of Santa Clara County

And Growing…..